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Percutaneous Nephrostomy Drainage Catheter

The ULTIMA Percutaneous Nephrostomy Drainage Catheter is used for the percutaneous placement of a pigtail catheter in the pelvis for nephrostomy drainage.

  • A convenient complete set for percutaneous placement of drainage catheter – ultima pigtail design
  • Material provides superior biocompatibility and drainage
  • Radiopaque tubing for precise placement
  • Locking loop design for better anchoring
  • Firm polyurethane


Order No.
(Length 20 cm)
Order No.
(Length 30 cm)
Order No.
(Length 20 cm with UBC)
Order No.
(Length 30 cm with UBC)
Fr Length
Qty. / Box
U-PCN-P8/20 U-PCN-P8/30 U-PCN-P8/20-U U-PCN-P8/30-U 8 30 10
U-PCN-P9/20 U-PCN-P9/30 U-PCN-P9/20-U U-PCN-P9/30-U 9  30 10
U-PCN-P10/20 U-PCN-P10/30 U-PCN-P10/20-U U-PCN-P10/30-U 10  30 10
U-PCN-P12/20 U-PCN-P12/30 U-PCN-P12/200-U U-PCN-P12/30-U 12  30 10
U-PCN-P14/20 U-PCN-P14/30 U-PCN-P14/20-U U-PCN-P14/30-U 14  30 10


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