Allwin Medical Devices

Percutaneous Nephrostomy Catheter – Malecot

The Percutaneous Nephrostomy Catheter – Malecot is used for percutaneous placement of a malecot catheter in the renal pelvis for nephrostomy drainage.

  • Malecot design helps to secure the position of the catheter
  • Made of biocompatible polyurethane to maximize patient comfort
  • Radiopaque catheter enables accurate positioning


Order No. Order No.
(with UBC)
Fr Length
Qty. / Box
PCN-M10 PCN-M10-U 10 30 5
PCN-M12 PCN-M12-U 12 30 5
PCN-M14 PCN-M14-U 14 30 5
PCN-M16 PCN-M16-U 16 30 5

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