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Tumor Stents

The Super Strong Tumor Stent is used for temporary as well as for palliative treatments of internal urinary drainage when tumors are present in the ureteral tract.

  • Soft kidney and bladder loops provided for patient comfort
  • Rigid shaft for maximum compression resistance
  • Drainage holes only on the loops
  • Radiopaque platinum/iridium (Pt/Ir) marker bands are provided to guide and place catheters during medical procedures
  • Compatible with 0.035″ guidewire
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Order No. Fr Length
Guidewire Qty. / Box
TS 6/24-PA 6 24 0.035″ 5
TS 6/26-PA 6 26 0.035″ 5
TS 6/28-PA 6 28 0.035″ 5
TS 6/30-PA 6 30 0.035″ 5


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