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The Polysnares are used for the endoscopic excision of Polyp in conjunction with a monopolar electro-surgical unit.

  • A wider range of designs available
  • Radiopaque PTFE tubing
  • Wire braided design for easy maneuvering
  • 1:1 torque for handle-wire movement
  • Banana plug connector
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Order No.

(Small Oval)

Order No.

(Medium Oval)

Order No.

(Large Oval)

Order No.


Order No.


Fr Length
Qty. / Box
PS-SO-5/160 PS-MO-5/160 PS-LO-5/160 PS-C-5/160 PS-HX-5/160 5 160 1
PS-SO-5/240 PS-MO-5/240 PS-LO-5/240 PS-C-5/240 PS-HX-5/240 5 240 1
PS-SO-7/160 PS-MO-7/160 PS-LO-7/160 PS-C-7/160 PS-HX-7/160 7 160 1
PS-SO-7/240 PS-MO-7/240 PS-LO-7/240 PS-C-7/240 PS-HX-7/240 7 240 1

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