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E-IFU Gastroenterology

Gastroenterology is the branch of medicine focused on the digestive system and its disorders. Diseases affecting the gastrointestinal tract, which include the organs from mouth into anus, along the alimentary canal, are the focus of this speciality.

IFU's (Indications For Use) of all the products under Gastroenterology are available in PDF format below.

  • Feeding Devices
  • Hameostasis
  • Biliary Stents & Introducer
  • Pancreatic Stents
  • Snares
  • Guidewires
  • Foreign Body Removal
  • Stone Removal & Breaking
  • Cleaning Brush
TitleDownload PDF
SurgiPeg – Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy TubeDownload Now
RGT - Replacement Gastrostomy TubeDownload Now
ENJFT- Endoscopic Naso Jejunal Feeding TubeDownload Now
NJFT- Naso Jejunal Feeding TubeDownload Now
TitleDownload PDF
SCN- Sclerotherapy NeedleDownload Now
Surgi Band Multiple LigatorDownload Now
TitleDownload PDF
Biliary Stents & IntroducersDownload Now
TitleDownload PDF
Pancreatic StentsDownload Now
TitleDownload PDF
PolySnare Polypectomy SnaresDownload Now
TitleDownload PDF
GuidewiresDownload Now
HyGuide Hydrophilic GuidewireDownload Now
TitleDownload PDF
CONQUER Retrieval SnareDownload Now
TitleDownload PDF
MACHO Multiwire Stone ExtractorDownload Now
TitleDownload PDF
RCB Reusable Cleaning BrushDownload Now