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U-Flex DUO
Ureteral Access Sheath Dual Lumen

The U-Flex DUO Ureteral Access Sheath Dual Lumen is used to establish two continuous working channels thereby reducing ureteral trauma during multiple instrument exchange and endoscopic urological procedures.

  • Dual lumen catheter with 2 working channels eliminates multiple catheterizations and provides a second working channel for injection
  • Kink resistant stainless steel coil reinforced sheath with excellent stiffness aids in navigation via a tortuous anatomy
  • Hydrophilic coating for easy insertion of the catheter
  • Spontaneous locking mechanism holds the sheath and catheter together in a fixed position
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Order No. OD ID Length
Qty. / Box
UFDL14/12-36 14 Fr 12 Fr 36 1
UFDL14/12-46 14 Fr 12 Fr 46 1

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