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Transureteroscopic Balloon Dilator

TU-Track Transureteroscopic Balloon Dilator is recommended for the dilatation of the ureter through the 5Fr – working channel of a ureteroscope.

  • Provided with stylet
  • Accepts 0.018” guidewire
  • 18 atm rated burst pressure
  • 4 mm (12Fr) x 4 cm balloon, 3.5Fr shaft diameter
  • Supplied with stopcock
  • Option to set with 20cc inflation device
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Order No. Order No.
(with Inflation Device)
Balloon Inflated OD Balloon Length Shaft Fr Length (cm) Qty. / Box
TU 4/4 TU 4/4-IDA 4 mm (12 Fr) 4 3.5 70 1